Andalucia would accept financial aid if the conditions were acceptable

In a TV interview, the president of the Junta de Andalucia, José Antonio Griñán, acknowledged that Andalucia would have no difficulty accepting financial aid from the Autonomous Liquidity Fund (FRA) as long as the rates were acceptable and there were no political conditions attached.

Griñan stated that so far, Andalucia has not received any state funds and has not approached the FRA to investigate conditions for financing. The president admitted that, under the current market conditions, the region does not have the same access to credit as before.

Only a few days ago, the Minister of the Presidency, Susana Díaz, announced that Andalucia had requested a one billion euro advance from the state while it considers whether or not to go to the FRA for a bailout.

Griñan then talked about the complications regarding financing in Spain and the plight of other regions.

Presumably the Junta de Andalucia is quite content to continue not paying its bills for as long as it can, as there seems to be no come-back for suppliers in the event of such a policy, unlike if the roles were reversed.

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