Auction for Feria bars

From now until Wednesday September 26th at 14:00 is the period in which individuals and associations can present their bids for bars at this year’s Feria. The starting price for the auction will be lower than last year, €1,000 as opposed to €1,200. The bids will be opened at 10:00 on Thursday 27th in the Nerja Cultural Centre in calle Granada.

All applicants must submit a copy of their ID and, if an association or club, a copy of the entry in the Municipal Register of Associations or a certificate issued by the Municipal Sports Department.

In the case of individuals, they must submit authorisation from a commercially registered hostelry establishment and a certificate from the Provincial Revenue Office stating that the establishment does not have any outstanding municipal debts of any sort.

The requisite form, and only that form, can be obtained from the Department of Popular Traditions in calle Cristo. This standard form also states that the owner of the establishment is responsible in the case of any incidents which may occur during the feria.

Let the hoop-jumping begin

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