Council proposes to award Burriana Car Park contract to the joint venture company Sardalla Española and Site

The Contract Committee is proposing to award the contract for the construction of the underground car park at Burriana beach to the joint venture company Sardalla Española and Site, the successful bid being €2,495,165.48.

There were 28 bidders for the car park project, three of whom submitted recklessly low bids according to the Law of Contracts. One of these low bidders, however, was in the running for the contract as they accumulated the highest number of bidding points. The committee decided, though, to award the contract to the bidder with the second highest number of points, namely Sardalla Española and Site.

The completion period for the project, which will generate 200 parking places, is eighteen months from the date of signing the contract. Financing of the project will be through FOMIT, the Fund for the Modernisation of Tourist Infrastructure.

That will make four car underground municipal parks in Nerja: The Municipal Car Park beneath Plaza de España with 733 places, Verano Azul with 273 places (now private parking as it was not a viable proposition), the Sports Pavillion with 70 places and, eventually, Burriana with 200 places.

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