RENFE to reduce prices on AVE high-speed trains

Good news for rail travellers as RENFE have decided to reduce the basic fares on AVE high-speed trains by 11% as from February 8th 2013 as well as offering a number of attractive discounts. The main changes are as follows:

The price of the normal economy ticket goes down by 11% as from February 8th.

A new Youth Card will entitle anyone under the age of 26 years to a 30% discount on all tickets. The Youth Card costs €20 per year plus IVA. This will come into effect in March 2013.

The Gold Card for seniors and children up to the age of 13 years remains at a 40% discount.

A new Bono AVE system will benefit regular travellers on any of the routes. Paying for 10 trips on any route will result in a discount of 35%. The period of validity for the 10 trips is four months. These come into effect on June 1st 2013.

RENFE is also introducing a  flexible pricing system for all trains based upon that used by airlines, whereby the earlier you book, the greater the discount. These tickets will be for travel in any class, at any time and on any date and will result in discounts of between 30% and 70%. This system will be in operation at any moment.

The aim is to increase passenger numbers on the AVE service by 10%.

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