Spate of robberies in Alcaucín, Málaga province

Homes in the rural parts of Alcaucín, Málaga province, have been experiencing a spate of robberies, with at least thirty properties being targeted during the past three months.

The majority of thefts relate to second homes, either belonging to foreigners or residents of other parts of Spain, although one or two have taken place at homes permanently occupied but where the owners have gone out. This tends to suggest that the thieves have some sort of surveillance system in operation.

Despite increased police activity to prevent further robberies, no arrests have yet been made. Similar spates of robberies occurred last year.

The latest spate of robberies has seen a change in the way the thieves operate. Previously, the thieves would be more selective, choosing items such as jewellery, computers, televisions and other valuables. Now, they appear to be less selective, taking whatever they can get their hands on in the time they have available.

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