Beaches and harvests are suffering as a result of the rains

Less than three weeks until Easter, the first major holiday period of the year, and there is concern in Málaga province about some of the beaches as a result of the current inclement weather.

Sand loss, damage to street furniture, damage to bar foundations, problems with piping and access points to beaches have occurred at Huelin, los Baños del Carmen and Guadalmar in the capital and some beaches in Torrox and Marbella have also been affected.

In Huelva province there is concern for the strawberry harvest and the fishing fleet has had to remain in harbour.

There have been two major landslides in Cádiz province, a building facade collapse in Jerez necessitating the evacuation of surrounding buildings and one family lost the roof of their house. Fortunately, no-one has been injured in any of these incidents.

In Sevilla province, a swollen stream in Carmona has left ten families without power for the past two days. The Council has been trying to help the affected families but this has not been easy as they are out in the country in an undeveloped area.

Some of the reservoirs are now up to 85% capacity and with more rain expected, draining will have to start soon.

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