Questions asked about the Costa del Sol Tourist Office

The PSOE spokesman for Málaga Council, Francisco Conejo, has posed the question as to why the Costa del Sol Tourist Office, one of three Tourist offices located beneath the Town Hall, remains closed sixteen months after the fanfare of the official inauguration.

The office was officially inaugurated in April 2012 by the president of Málaga Council, Elías Bendodo, but since that date has rarely been open and no schedule of opening times has ever been made available. During the inauguration it was stated that the office would also be the location for meetings between professionals and businessmen with the aim of promoting the Axarquia, according to Francisco Conejo. This is something else which has not materialised.

Francisco Conejo also asks if it not possible to open the office during August, even if it is just for a few hours per day, as it is a peak holiday period with thousands of tourists visiting Nerja.

There are three tourist offices in the same area: Municipal Tourist Office, Costa del Sol Tourist Office and the Nerja Caves Tourist Office, and there is also the Verano Azul Tourist Office, run by the AEN, just around the corner in calle Puerta del Mar.

With all these similar facilities in a very small area, within metres of each other, the question of duplication of work also arises. As does whether such projects are actually necessary, or even useful, or are they just a temporary political photo opportunity?

The Municipal Tourist Office is sufficiently large to accommodate the work of the Costa del Sol Tourist Office, if doesn’t already actually do so, and would have been a cheaper option. Extra staff could have been added if necessary, providing local employment opportunities.

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