Tragic accident in Rociana del Condado

A two-year-old girl died and a four-year-old boy was slightly injured on Friday in a tragic accident in Rociana del Condado, Huelva, when an old well covering gave way.

The children were playing in the garden of a home in calle La Fuente when the covering of a well, old and possibly loosened by the recent rains, gave way. The two-year-old girl fell into the well, which was deep and narrow, and the boy apparently went in to try and rescue her.

An adult who was in the house at the time heard the screams and alerted the Emergency Services. The boy had been rescued before the firemen arrived on the scene.

Such was the narrowness of the well, a single diver was lowered into the twelve metre deep hole to try and locate the young girl. Her lifeless body was recovered shortly afterwards.

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