Another step towards a sewage plant

The Mayor of Nerja, José Alberto Armijo, has reported the encouraging news that the Directorate General of Water has approved the project for the water treatment plant in the amount of €23,245,000 and with a completion period of 30 months, with 24 months being for construction and 6 months for testing.

The Directorate general of Water confirmed that the documentation submitted by the contractor met all the necessary requirements of the Law of Public Administration Contracts and incorporated a Health and Safety study.

The Mayor described the news as ‘encouraging’ and ‘motivating’, adding that he will continue to maintain communication with the sub-Directorate of Infrastructure as there remains a number of administrative procedures and reports still to be completed.

One of these is thought to be a report on the suitability of the chosen site, a hillside location affording minimum gravity feed possibilities and requiring heavy duty pumping stations.

With a scheduled completion period of thirty months including testing and no unforeseen delays, it seems unlikely that the project will be completed before the EU deadline for zero waste emissions into the sea. This will presumably result in a fine.

  1. Are they really going to pump hundreds of tonnes of foul water uphill everyday to the proposed site?
    That’s going to be expensive to maintain, and not very environmentally friendly, agreed that’s probably better than dumping untreated sewage through cracked pipes off the signature beach in Nerja, but all the same its seems madness.
    The obvious location would be behind Playa Playazo, The Mayor needs to look again at his “plan” for the West side of Nerja

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