A story with a happy ending…

It is always nice to hear stories like the following…

Hi all, On the 9th of October this year my partner and I were walking down to Burriana beach via Carabeo when we stopped to use the public telephone box. After fumbling around for some change and not being able to get through to my partners brother we gathered up our paper, handbag etc and carried on down towards Burriana beach.

About halfway down the slope I suddenly realised my wallet was not in my shorts pocket. There could only have been one place I had left it and that was at the telephone box although I had in fact called in at a shop to buy a paper at the other end of Carabeo.

I hastily started back the way we came with my partner puffing and blowing a little behind me (we are both in our late sixties). I came within sight of the telephone box when I heard a voice call out my name. I looked across to see a young man standing against the wall and I spotted my wallet in his hand. He must have noticed a very distraught looking man hastily walking towards the telephone box.

After a few words he handed me the wallet and also told me he was going to try and phone with details that I had obviously had in my wallet. He was not to know that my mobile was back in my room at our hostal. There was a fair amount of money in Euros and English Sterling not to mention the plastic of mine and a couple of my partners which I was carefully looking after for her!!

After many handshakes and hugs from me (I could have kissed him), I quickly found my partner and told her the good news. The main reason for this email is to highlight how we can have faith in human nature, and in my haste to get back to my partner I never asked the young mans name.

Please say a big thank you once more to him, I believe he was probably a local Spanish man and I hope he gets to read this, and Nerja as always will be a special place for us.

Many, many thanks from Geoff and Jessie.

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