Two people arrested for attacking police officers

Two Chinese nationals, one of them a minor, have been arrested in Vélez-Málaga on suspicion of assaulting three police officers following a failed attempt at bribery.

Plainclothes police officers visited a food shop on the calle Camino Viejo de Málaga where it was suspected that contraband tobacco was being sold to, amongst others, minors. The officers asked the shop owner if he sold tobacco and he replied, ‘no’.

The shop has been reported on a number of occasions in the past for the the illegal sale of tobacco and alcohol.

However, the officers noticed a number of packs of cigarettes and upon further inspection, found 30 packets at various locations in the shop. After being informed that he was to be denounced, the owner then allegedly took money from his pocket and attempted to bribe the officers not to charge him.

When the officers refused the bribe, the owner allegedly picked up an iron bar and launched an assault on the officers. Reinforcements were called as the shop owner continued his aggression, even trying to snatch the gun of one of the officers.

As he was eventually being handcuffed, his son launched an attack on the officers causing multiple injuries to one of them. The pair were eventually taken away and handed over to the National Police.

Three officers required me4dical treatment after the incident.

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