LIMASA strike hits local businesses

Many shops and businesses in the centre of Málaga, who were hoping to take advantage of the pre.Christmas period to try and recuperate sales, are suffering once more, this time due to the Christmas strike by rubbish collectors.

The rubbish is piling up in some areas more than others, mainly in the centre of the city, and some businesses have been forced to keep their doors closed due to the aroma pervading the area.

This is putting shoppers off, some observed to be crossing the road to avoid the piles of smelly rubbish and deciding not to visit shops in close proximity. Bars and restaurants have apparently also been suffering as a result of the strike, clients deeming the aroma of rotting fish on the street not to be conducive to fine dining. And who can blame them?

There have already been isolated incidents of rubbish containers being set on fire but no serious consequences, yet.

Such a strike does nothing for the image of the city, particularly during a holiday period.

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