LIMASA strike hits local businesses

Many shops and businesses in the centre of Málaga, who were hoping to take advantage of the pre.Christmas period to try and recuperate sales, are suffering once more, this time due to the Christmas strike by rubbish collectors.

Rubbish beginning to accumulate

Day two of the Christmas strike by employees of the municipal cleaning service LIMASA and rubbish is already beginning to accumulate in various parts of the city. So far, though, there have been no reports of incidents.

Proposed Christmas strike by LIMASA employees

Employees of the cleaning service LIMASA in Málaga are proposing strike action from December 20th if no suitable agreement is reached on temporary lay-offs (ERTE) during the winter period.

Agreement in principle to avert strike by cleaning staff in Málaga

After seven hours of discussions, Málaga Council, unions and the municipal cleaning company Limasa have reached an agreement in principle which would see the proposed strike over Easter called off. However, this must be ratified by the employees of Limasa and a meeting has been scheduled for Wednesday.

No progress in talks to avert strike in Málaga

Eight hours and forty minutes of talks on Sunday between the Mayor of Málaga, Francisco de la Torre, and unions representing the workers of the municipal cleaning company Limasa failed to yield results and it looks like an indefinite strike planned for March 22nd, the start of Easter Week, will go ahead.

Limasa to lay off 199 workers

Limasa, the municipal cleaning service concessionaire in Jerez de la Frontera, Cádiz province, has filed for the temporary regulation of employment of its 199 staff for a period of two months.

Cleaners return to work in Jerez

Employees of the municipal cleaning company Limasa in Jerez resumed the cleaning of schools in the municipality on Friday after it was confirmed that their October wages would be paid ‘within hours’.