Airports in Spain face possible shutdown

Malaga airport visitor numbers increase during Brexit concerns

Airports across Spain could come to a standstill in August after union leaders announced more than 60,000 baggage-handlers and other airport staff were prepared to strike.   The announcement comes after more than two years of failed negotiations over pay, working hours, breaks and overtime between the unions and airport authorities. Labour mediation agency SIMA has now been brought in …

Ryanair strike to hit holidaymakers

Ryanair cabin crew have called a strike for the 24th and 25th of July in Spain, Italy, Portugal and Belgium. The strike coincided with school holidays and will affect thousands of travellers across Europe.   Cabin crew based in the above-mentioned countries want Ryanair to adhere to national labour laws of their home countries and not those of the Republic …

Ryanair cabin crew threaten Europe-wide strikes

All across Europe Ryanair cabin crew unions are threatening to call strikes during the peak holiday travel season this summer. Union leaders in Italy, Belgium, Portugal and Spain are demanding that the low-cost airline must stop using Irish labour laws for its staff and to adapt to the regulations of the countries where it’s cabin crew are based.   Ryanair …

Call for strike by postal workers

Post Office workers have been asked to support a 24-hour strike today, Thursday, and join a protest march in Madrid to protest against the possible loss of 15,000 jobs during the next five years.

Rail strikes

July 31st and August 1st are traditionally the busiest days of the year for travel as millions head off on holiday, so what better time for a rail strike.

Strike by lifeguards in Cádiz

There was a two hour strike by lifeguards in Cádiz province this afternoon in protest at what they claim are a lack of proper materials provided by the concessionaire and health and safety concerns .

Indefinite strike by maintenance workers in Granada

The workforce of Fábricas y Drenajes, contracted by Granada Council for the maintenance of schools and municipal buildings, is set to begin an indefinite strike as from May 5th in a protest against working conditions and unpaid wages.

Proposed strike by students

The Students’ Union has called a 48-hour strike for March 26th and 27th as part of the continuing protest against the educational reforms of José Ignacio Wert.