Strike by Málaga taxi drivers

Málaga city is without a taxi service between Friday and Sunday and from Monday only half the fleet will be operating as the drivers pursue their demands for a closed shop at Málaga airport.

LIMASA strike hits local businesses

Many shops and businesses in the centre of Málaga, who were hoping to take advantage of the pre.Christmas period to try and recuperate sales, are suffering once more, this time due to the Christmas strike by rubbish collectors.

Rubbish beginning to accumulate

Day two of the Christmas strike by employees of the municipal cleaning service LIMASA and rubbish is already beginning to accumulate in various parts of the city. So far, though, there have been no reports of incidents.

Strike in nursery schools in Jaén

Employees of CEIAN, the cooperative managing the nursery schools in Jaén, have called an indefinite strike as from today, Friday, in protest at unpaid wages from August through November.

Strike by RENFE workers

Today, Thursday, is a twenty-four hour strike by RENFE workers belonging to the CGT union in protest at plans to divide the rail network into four separate companies.

Strike by waste collection service as from December 20th 2013

Employees of the municipal cleaning company LIMASA have officially registered their intention to convene an indefinite strike as from December 20th 2013, even though the first talks to try and reach an agreement relating to a temporary employment regulation (ERTE) do not take place until Thursday.