No agreement in Sevilla

The first meeting between the unions of the municipal cleaning concessionaire Lipasam and  Sevilla Council has ended without an agreement being reached and the strike now enters its ninth day. An estimated five thousand tons of garbage remain uncollected on the streets.

Rubbish containers set on fire in Sevilla

As the strike by employees of the municipal cleaning company Lipasam enters its seventh day, with 4,200 tons of rubbish piling up in the streets and, as invariably happens during such disputes, containers being burned.

Strike by cleaning staff in Jerez

Employees of the municipal company Respuestas Auxiliares in Jerez, responsible for the cleaning of schools and municipal buildings, have called an indefinite strike as from February 10th due to the situation whereby workers have not received all of their December and January salaries.

Cleaning strike in Sevilla

The management of Lipasam, the municipal cleaning company in Sevilla, and unions are meeting today at the Ministry of Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment to discuss minimum service levels during the indefinite strike called as from January 28th.

Granada rubbish strike is over

The strike by rubbish collectors in Granada is over after an agreement was reached between the unions and the municipal concessionaire, Inagra. The task now is to get rid of the 2,300 tons of rubbish littering the streets and this is expected to be completed by the end of the week

Striking workers in Granada reject agreement

The strike by rubbish collectors in Granada continues after the workers rejected the deal struck by the unions and management of the municipal cleaning company Inagra.

Possible end to strike in Granada

A tentative agreement between the municipal cleaning company in Granada, Inagra, and the unions, could see an end to the garbage strike which has left 2,000 tons of rubbish piled up on the streets. The agreement, the details of which are not yet known, has to be ratified by the workers and then officially signed before the strike can be …

The rubbish is mounting up in Granada

A week of strike action by employees of the cleaning concessionaire Inagra in Granada and around 1,000 tons of garbage now litters the streets. An attempt to resolve the dispute on Friday ended in failure and another meeting with the arbitration service SERCLA has been scheduled for Monday afternoon.

Rubbish strike in Granada

Workers at the municipal cleaning service in Granada, Inagra, have begun an indefinite strike in protest at the company’s intention to reduce wages by 5%, increase the working week to 37.5 hours and eliminate bonuses.

Madrid Metro strike

Madrid’s metro workers have voted to strike on January 4th and 5th, coinciding with the popular Three Kings parade. However, trains will run at 90% of their regular frequency on the lines that coincide with the procession route.