El Playazo businesses threatened with heavy fines

The regional Department of Environment has initiated disciplinary proceedings against the seven businesses located on El Playazo beach, Nerja, for breaching the Coastal Act, threatening fines of up to €300,506.05 for each establishment.

There are four bars, two boat yards and a kiosk on El Playazo beach, most of which have operated without problem for the past twenty years or more. They are now being accused of violating the Coastal Act in relation to the occupation of public domain land.

The businesses received a letter from the Junta de Andalucia at Christmas and now have one month to file any objections. The letter ordered the immediate cessation of commercial activity at the beach, but the businesses have apparently no intention of complying and have already put the matter in the hands of lawyers.

The Ministry of Environment carried out an inspection of the area on May 8th 2013 but only issued the closure order at Christmas, coincidentally at the same time that Nerja Council was successful in the Supreme Court in a case brought against the Junta de Andalucia relating to the proposed golf course and housing complex.

The prevailing opinion appears to be that the whole situation is party politically motivated.

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