Reduction in parking charges in Los Huertos de Carabeo

The Council has announced that it has reached an agreement with the owners of the Los Huertos Car Park that, once they have renewed their operating licence, the charges will be reduced.

The new rates will be fixed and cannot be changed without municipal approval. The greatest reduction applies to residents not living in the immediate area, with charges being reduced from €40 to €25 per month in high season and from €28 to €20 in the low season.

Those living in the immediate area will also benefit from reductions, from €28 to €20 in the peak season and from €20 to €15 per month in the low season. The period for applying for season tickets has been extended and will now continue until the end of February.

  1. R robertson says:

    Prices are great but as a non resident who hires a car for holidays this does not help us as the registration of the car goes on the ticket. Shame as it would encourage people to use this part of the town more

  2. I don’t know whether these charges are great, as I don’t know if they are per day, per week, per month ?

  3. I have owned an apartment on Calle Carabeo since 1986 but because I am not resident and don’t own a Spanish registered car I am not allowed the low parking rates.

    I spend a lot of time in Nerja, throughout the year and hire a car on a regular basis.

    I have paid all my taxes during this period, just like a resident, but I’m not allowed the privileges a resident.

    There will be lots of owners like me.
    We should be allowed a certificate, from the ayuntamiento, allowing us to utilise the car park on a month to month basis. Then we wouldn’t be driving round, clogging up the roads, trying to find a roadside parking space.

    Now we have to sit on our terrace and watch and listen to all the traffic driving to and from the car park.

    This area was agricultural land, tended by oxen and plough, when I bought my apartment.

    Nerja gets all the benefits of our taxes but doesn’t allow us any privileges.

    Bill Jones

    • Totally agree with you Bill. We own an apartment not far from the entrance to this car park, and used to spend up to 6 months each year there. We pay the full year’s taxes and rates, and spend in local shops and restaurants, possibly more than many locals. However, we are treated the same as tourists who come for a week in the summer as far as the Town Hall are concerned. We used to drive to Nerja from UK, but since everyone started parking in the streets we were often unable to find anywhere to park.

      Therefore, we no longer drive to Nerja, and are spending less time there now.

  4. Thank you for adding the ‘per month’ – try and find somewhere else in the world where you can park for a day at under a Euro !!!

    • The Captain says:

      One assumes it is per month, no-one actually says so anywhere and the car park website doesn’t have any price info.

  5. Stuartnhilary says:

    Another rip off for the regular tourists who visit nerja often with the hire car.

  6. As much as it seems to pain everyone, sometimes you just have to pay for things in life. The Carabeo carpark was FREE for decades. Now the people who own it would like to earn some money. Calling it a “rip off” for tourists is very childish indeed. They have something to sell and you can choose to pay them or not. Get over it.

  7. Tony Slade says:

    Why don’t local businesses come to an agreement with the owners of the car park, offering free parking to those who spend so much money in the local shops and restaurants -on a pro rata basis? For example, spent 15 Euros in the nominated shop/restaurant, get 1 hour free and so on.

    This is done at the AVE railway station in Malaga and I know quite a number of shopping centres in the UK with the same system.

    This would encourage people to visit – and spend money.- to the mutual benefit of all.

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