New craft beer

Two entrepreneurs in Vélez-MNálaga have produced a new craft beer, named Murex, which is made by completely natural means and contains no additives.

Many brewers add sugar cane at a later stage as colouring to their beers, but Murex is the first to have any sugar cane added at the primary stage of fermentation. Everything from the grinding of the malt to bottling is done in a natural way, without the use of gases or additives as is the case with most breweries.

Murex plans to manufacture at its facilities in Torre del Mar with a total of five varieties, of which two are already available, an amber beer and a sugar cane variety.

Murex says it has the capacity to produce 1500 litres per day, although initially they are producing 1000 litres per week for distribution to wine stores, gourmet shops and catering businesses in the province of Málaga.

Eventually Murex intends to launch a direct point of sale where customers can also watch the brewing process.

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