Graffiti removed…

Work has started on the installation of ornamental and special lighting at the back of Calahonda beach and the interesting piece of graffiti, a sort of ‘Ché Chimp’, which appeared a couple of weeks ago has been painted over.

Graffiti, Calahonda beach

The idea of the project is to illuminate a wide area beneath the Balcón de Europa to make it more attractive to tourists and residents.

There is a rumour that any future new walkway from Calahonda beach to Carabeo beach (or further) to replace the old Paseo de los Carabineros, will involve the demolition of El Papaguayo. This is presumably because any new walkway has to be away from the cliff face to avoid any potential threat from rockslides.

Only a rumour at the moment.

  1. sue and ken says:

    I find it quite disappointing, that the one bit of positive, dare I say artistic, graffiti around Nerja is the one that has been removed. After a recent trip over i was shocked to see the amount of graffiti around the town, it, to me has increased 3 fold from our previous visits to Nerja. Why is it then that this unsightly, inappropriate graffiti throughout the town has just been left. If the authorities are looking for ways to spend some money, maybe the graffiti issue is something that should be addressed. This I think will improve the town as much as any new pavement or lighting project.

    • The Captain says:

      I also thought that one was quite artistic. There are a couple of other good ones in town but, as you say, a lot of unsightly ‘tags’, squiggles or slogans all over the place which could do with being removed. However, there is no revenue to be derived from removing graffiti, but there is for replacing light bulbs or installing fancy lighting.

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