Raid on illegal poker den in Ronda

Police officers attached to the regional government have dismantled an illegal poker den in Ronda, seizing €123 in cash, 3,000 betting chips and 14 decks of cards.

The poker games were being carried out in a storage area of a local bar and there were four tables set out. Gamblers had to buy their first chips at the bar, after which they were allowed to access the gambling area.

The organisers of the poker games were rewarded with a 10% commission on all monies exchanged for chips at the bar.

There were four people engaged in a game of poker when the police raided the premises.

The crackdown on illegal gambling by the Junta de Andalucia led to the dismantling of 6 bingo halls (3 in Vélez-Málaga, 1 in Villanueva del Rosario, 1 in Málaga and 1 in Cártama) and 3 poker dens (in Benajarafe, Mijas and Estepona) during 2013.

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