More problems for the new Madrid bicycle rental system

A surprise was in store for users of Madrid’s new bicycle service after someone apparently hacked into the system and posted an obscene video, set to run in a loop.

This is the latest problem to befall the capital’s new bicycle rental service, although it has still managed to generate a strong positive response from the public.

Madrid Mayor Ana Botella inaugurated the scheme last Monday with a ride on one of its 1,560 electric bikes, but the ensuing rush by Madrileños eager to test out the new bikes saw the service’s computer system crash that same day.

Only around 70 bicycles managed to take to the roads, all of which had been provided for dignitaries, press and other guests. In places where the screens were working, there were invariably no bicycles available. Where bikes were available…you guessed it, the screens weren’t operating.

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