Council announces spending plans valued at €653,988

At a meeting held on Friday the Local Government approved a number of works valued at €653,988, some of these being in collaboration with the provincial Council and others funded from the municipal coffers.

Amongst the projects are:

  • €100,000 for improvements to the paving in the old ‘historic centre’ of Nerja.
  • €55,468 for improvements to the fencing around the Football 7 pitch in Parque Verano Azul.
  • €150,000 for improvements to buildings at the Pepe Luis Bobadilla football field.
  • €67,000 for the installation of collapsible bollards.
  • €104,997 for the acquisition of machinery for the collection of solid waste.

No news yet on when any of these projects will actually start or how long they will take to complete.

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