Minor arrested for false imprisonment and robbery

National Police in Almeria have arrested a juvenile on two counts of false imprisonment and robbery, while his accomplices, both aged 13 years, have been deemed too young to be criminally liable.

The incident occurred on November 14th near a school on the Paseo de la Caridad when the three youths stopped two pupils on their way to school, took their mobile phones and made threats. The two pupils were allegedly taken to a field where they were held captive for five hours, forced to strip naked and made to fight each other.

A similar situation, with robbery and threats, occurred in calle Real and the police investigation was eventually able to identify the offenders. Two of the youths involved in both incidents were 13 years old, which meant that they could not be held criminally liable.

The third youth, however, was old enough to be liable and has been charged.

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