Autumn arrives and out pop the old chestnuts

The mayor has been meeting with local business representatives to discuss various topics of interest to the municipality, such as the El Playazo promenade, sewage plant, marina and the golf course project.

Also reportedly discussed was the first phase of the new Paseo de Los Carabineros between El Salon and Calahonda beaches and exploitation of the Sierra Almijara Natural Park.

Other ideas being studied are a multifunctional exhibition centre, the construction of a municipal museum and the exploitation of the El Playazo area for tourism.

Nerja, of course, already has a large museum in the centre of town, but it is run by the Nerja Caves Foundation and not the Municipal Council. It has plenty of space for expansion, both in terms of exhibits and the number of visitors it attracts, so it is difficult to see the benefits of a second museum apart from the obvious revenue from the various licence fees for its construction.

The golf course, an old chestnut along with a marina, has been a pet ‘must have’ since the last century, although again, the main reason for both projects always appears to be the the associated construction of residential homes and hotels.

Local opinion has always been divided on these issues, particularly because the actual golf course itself and marina always appear to be an incidental part of the project, houses and hotels being the priority of course as they deliver the municipal revenue.

Initiatives with a much wider, or mass appeal to all age groups would be a welcome change.

  1. Strange how the biggest “must-have” – the water treatment plant – was put way down the list for years!!

    • The Captain says:

      As far as anyone is aware, not before June 2016 at the very earliest. Judging by past experience, 2017, maybe, would be a safer bet.

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