Exhibition ‘Made by Dutchies’

Exhibition ‘Made by Dutchies’. With artworks of Anton Dijkgraaf, Sylvia Keppel, Ge Berns & Lieuwke Loth.
The official opening of the exhibition will take place at Sunday, October 4th from 14:00 -17:00. With drinks & music.

Exhibition ‘Made by Dutchies’

Totems & Dreamtimes & Caryatids

Gallery “Luz de la Vida” will present a new exhibition beginning October 4th in Cómpeta, Spain.

Anton Dijkgraaf, formerly a professional photographer, reflects back on his past when he, together with photographer / anthropologist Sylvia Keppel, made numerous trips all over the world. Their travels include places around the world from Alaska to the Seychelles, to the smallest corner in South Africa, Tahiti, Moluccas and Madagascar and cities like New York, Buenos Aires, Shanghai. What inspires both is exotic art and culture, the dream time of the Aborigines, the totem art of Canadian Indians, also including the symbolism of non-western cultures in its use of signs and symbols.This time Anton won’t show much pictures as well as his artworks created here in Andalusia.

Anton makes totems of found objects. The images or panels are made of aluminum sheet metal, old nails, feathers, stones, shards, shells, rope and other found objects. He proves himself to be a true artist by putting these seemingly ‘worthless’ materials together and in combination with the use of paint, it all culminates in a valuable and unique work of art. With a nonchalant touch, he gives the work character.

Sculptor Ge Berns is inspired by the ancient past, especially the art and culture of the Egyptians, the Mayans and the Incas, the Romans and the Greeks. His bronze sculptures range from abstract to figurative. He allows the accident or imperfection in his bronze and plays with organic shapes. During the construction of his sculptures, he uses all kinds of natural materials such as leaves, branches and dripping candle wax. He often adds a figurative element to the forms.

A number of bronze sculptures of Lieuwke’s will be shown as well. She also feels intricately connected to the wisdom of ethnic tribes, shamanic cultures and incorporate the connection between man/woman and nature in her works.

Sylvia Keppel will present her photographic images from Andalusia that she has edited into multiple layers and created in combination with painted accents.

The Dutch, Liz Luyben, will present her hand crafted and personally brewed beer at the opening. She has started a micro brewery in the pretty mountain village of Comares, La Cabra Azul, or “Blue Goat.” After a successful start, she currently brews three different beers, which are currently available in various places around the Costa del Sol.

Since the opening takes place on October 4th, World Animal Day, a percentage of all sales made on opening day will be donated to the animal shelter organization, AAR.

The official opening of the exhibition will be Sunday, October 4th from 14:00 -17:00. Come and experience the event with us!

With these new works in the gallery, the space will once again get a completely new look! We hope to see you during this special exhibition.

The exhibition can be seen throughout the month of October in Galeria Luz de Vida,

Calle Laberinto 15, Cómpeta

Open: Thu, Fri, Sat for more info see the website: www.luzdelavida.es

Facebook: galerialuzdelavida

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