Fines that you can get when you’re a pedestrian

Crossing the road for an 'incorrect' place, travelling on the highway or refusing a blood alcohol test is punishable under Spanish traffic laws.

When it comes to the rules of the road in Spain the assumption is that pedestrians always have the right of way and while this may be true in most instances heavy fines can be imposed on people who don’t realize they are doing anything wrong.

In a recent study conducted by the RACE (Real Automobile Club of Spain) pedestrians are to blame for one out of every three accidents that occur in urban areas.

Typical offences include crossing the road at a non-designated crossing point, an offence that can lead to an 80€ fine or crossing at a zebra crossing when the little red man is displayed, a serious offence that comes with a 200€ fine.

Walking along or crossing a motorway is punishable with an 80€ fine as is walking along any road that has a pedestrian pavement in place. For roads that do not have a walkway for pedestrians, it is allowed to walk but only facing oncoming traffic.

The biggest fine of all is for refusing to take a breathalyzer test or willingness to cooperate in a drugs and alcohol test when involved in an accident or infraction. Should you refuse to take the test you will be fined 500€ which doubles to 1000€ should you test positive.



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