Great White Shark spotted in the Mediterranean sea

For the first time in 30-years, a great white shark has been spotted cruising the waters of the Cabrera National Park in the Balearic Islands.

The 5-metre long “Jaws” was spotted Thursday morning by a scientific expedition made up of 10 people from five different countries.

Shark enthusiast Jordi Gallego said: “The waters around the Balearics Islands were waters this species of shark liked. “I remember one washing up alive on the beach at Tossa de Mar in Girona.”

Great while sharks are just one of the 46 species of shark found in the Mediterranean with the blue shark, tintorera in Spanish the most common shark found swimming in Spanish waters. Most sharks in the Mediterranean Sea are virtually never seen therefore pose no danger to people using the sea. However, their presence means that people doing watersports  and bathers should always keep alert & have an awareness of sharks.

Shark attacks on humans are extremely rare with even fewer fatalities but given the great whites predator reputation, holidaymakers should heed warnings if a shark is spotted and you are asked to leave the water.

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