Large fines for illegal renters

Neighbours are turning against neighbours in tourist hotspots across Spain turning up at town councils to blow the whistle on people who rent their houses and flats out illegally. 


A typical giveaway is when a large number of towels suddenly appear hung over a balcony to dry.

To stop the increase in “Black Market Rentals” many municipalities are now imposing hefty fines on people who do not have a licence to rent out their property.

Some places such as the Balearics are actually encouraging people to rat on their neighbours in an attempt to stop the practice which forces up home values often pricing locals out of the housing market.

Being caught renting out your property without the correct licence could see you being hit with a fine up to 40,000€ with reductions for early payment.

For tourists renting properties in Spain these new rules are a good thing as it now means that all rental properties will be vetted to ensure they meet all the necessary safety standards.



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