XIII Festival of the 3 Cultures of Frigiliana

When it comes to Andalusia’s white-washed villages you would be hard pressed to find a prettier place than Frigiliana. Adorned with wrought iron balconies overflowing with bright red geraniums that light up the tiny squares the village of Frigiliana is the perfect backdrop for a festival that celebrates the region’s multicultural heritage.


Starting August 23rd through 26th the XIII Festival of the 3 Cultures of Frigiliana promotes a time during Moorish rule when Christians, Jews and Arabs all lived together in harmony. The Festival of the 3 Cultures transforms Frigiliana into a hive of activity complete with belly dancers, jugglers and street musicians.

During the festival, there will be a traditional street market and a tapas trail to keep the adults happy while the children are entertained by performers and numerous craft workshops.

Evening entertainment consists of musical concerts that feature performances by local artists and DJ’s culminating in a fireworks display of the first and last days of the festival.

Parking is available in a large area just before La Molineta with regular shuttles running to the village from there. Another alternative is to leave the car behind and take a bus from the town of Nerja. The bus runs every hour until around 4am.

  1. Lisa tyerman says:

    Hi we are thinking of coming across for the 2019 frigiliana three cultures festival but wondered about the date x

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