Feria de Nerja 2018

Traditionally always held during the second week in October the Feria de Nerja is one of the most exciting times to visit the Costa del Sol resort. With celebrations and musical events happening all over town locals and visitors take over the streets for some good-natured family fun.


For 2018 the Feria is expected to begin on Wednesday the 10th of October and finish on Sunday the 14th. While these exact dates are yet to be confirmed by the town hall with the official calendar of events published just prior to the start, based on past years we feel we are close to being on the money for this year’s celebration.

During the Feria groups set up large tents (known as “casetas”) where they host local bands with the party continuing well into the early hours of the morning.

Of all the fiestas held in the town, the Feria de Nerja is the most important as it allows local businessmen to entertain their clients while at the same time making deals for the coming year.

For the visitor, the Feria de Nerja is a great insight into traditional Spanish culture and food. Add to this a fun fair for the kids and a fireworks display that will awe and amaze and you have the recipe for a party the likes of which you will have never seen before.

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