Exploration game for families to make a self-guided tour of Nerja

The Nerja Department of Tourism has announced their initiative for promoting family tourism in the town of Nerja.


Marco Topo, is an educational exploration game for families with children.  Kind of like a scavenger hunt but with historic and notable places rather than clues, families are encouraged to go out and discover Nerja while having a good time.

The adventure consists of a map of the municipality, a set of stickers and a web app where different challenges are raised about the place that the family visits.

To play Marco Topo you need to obtain a map of the adventure that can be collected at the Nerja Tourist Office and have a mobile phone with an Internet connection. Once the family has the map, they enter the code of the adventure on Marco Topo’s website (www.marcotopo.com) and start playing.

In the game boys and girls are heroes of a great adventure in which, accompanied by Marco Topo and his sister Marta, they will have to free the Flopis, some endearing creatures that have been captured by Topo Loco, an evil mad scientist . In order to free the Flopis, the family will have to explore the places indicated in their adventure map, solve the challenges posed through their mobile phones and paste the corresponding sticker in each test passed.

Playing Marco Topo is a great way for families to have fun together while learning all about Nerja and best of all it is free to play.

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