Police catch conmen in the middle of a 145,000€ Costa del Sol real estate scam

Two young men of Croatian nationality were arrested by National Police after trying to scam Costa del Sol property owners in a “rip deal.”


A “rip deal” is a popular scam where the perpetrators pass themselves off as investors looking to purchase a property.

According to a National Police statement, the scam involves using the “exchange of bank notes, generally, of 500 euros” in the purchase of property when, in reality, they are photocopies of 500 euros.”

The scam operation in question involved the use of 13,000 euros in genuine notes coupled with a briefcase containing 145,000 euros in fake cash.

The police started their investigation after being contacted by a citizen who claimed he had been approached by suspicious individuals after placing a property advertisement online.

The pair came up with multiple excuses as to why they could not just transfer the money electronically and that they would pay the seller a bonus if he accepted cash.

With police in attendance watching from a distance the exchange took place in a restaurant before they swopped to discover a small bundle of genuine notes and 14 bundles of fake money with real notes at either end.

The two alleged scammers were arrested and have been imprisoned awaiting trial.

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