Antonio Banderas to open Malaga theatre and star in A Chorus Line

Spanish actor, Antonio Banderas, has kept his promise by opening a theatre in his home city of Malaga.

His new venture in the Costa del Sols capital is called the Teatro de Soho CaixaBank and will open this autumn with the Broadway-hit  A Chorus Line.

The new theatre is to be located in the Teatro Alameda following a major renovation funded by the Hollywood star. As well as co-directing the first show Banderas plans to play one of the leading roles as well.

While speaking to a local newspaper on Wednesday, Banderas said that the show “is a good choice as it is about the setting up of a theatre”. While all the speaking parts will be in Spanish the songs will be sung in English.

Following the show’s debut in Malaga, the plan is to take it on the road to Madrid, Barcelona and then the United States.

Speaking about the American tour the actor said: “The idea is to take it to Florida, Texas and California, where it has never been performed in [Spanish] even though the biggest concentration of Spanish speakers in America is in those states.”

Banderas was also keen to point out that he was not doing this for financial gain, saying: “I am paying for the renovation work in the theatre and when I’m working there it will be for free, or if the law says so, I’ll earn minimum wage.”

“This is my commitment to Malaga. I am very ambitious about this project, but not in a financial way.”

While CaixaBank is behind the project additional sponsors are being sought.

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