Popular Nerja beauty spot to be looked at following the latest rescue

Local and regional authorities have decided to take a look at what safety measures are currently in place to stop people getting lost along the Rio Chillar.

This comes about after a 34-year-old Swedish tourist called the emergency services when she and five other girls failed to find their way back to the start of the hike as the sun was setting.

Last Sunday’s rescue is just one of a long string of similar incidents at the popular Nerja beauty spot that now has local and regional politicians looking into how they can prevent occurrences like this from happening.

Having been told about the popular walk by her brother, the Swedish woman, her three daughters and two nieces got lost around 9pm when they failed to find the trail back to the start of the river.

With darkness setting in and the group lost, they decided to call the emergency services who immediately launched a rescue operation.

“We were very scared. I tried to keep the girls calm and hide my desperation” Said the woman when asked about the ordeal.

Following a night spent by the side of the river, they were eventually spotted by a helicopter that dispatched rescuers to guide them back to the start of the hike.

The walk along the Rio Chillar is very popular with people visiting Nerja, but like all outdoor hikes, prepare well by researching the location and route thoroughly and ensure that you’re well equipped for all eventualities.

If you do this and pay attention to the time, you should have no problem enjoying the Chillar River.

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