Malaga to get the tallest skyscraper on the Costa del Sol

Before the crisis, it was said that Spain’s national symbol was the crane!

If all goes to plan, Malaga will see two new skyscrapers that will not only the tallest buildings in the city but eclipse anything already built on the Costa del Sol.

Madrid based property developer AQ Acentor has been brought in to oversee the project, which is being financed by German investment fund Aquila Capital.

Located in La Princesa area of Malaga, on what is currently derelict land, the two towers will each be 29 storeys high and contain 450 apartments, many of which will be available for rent.

As well as the two skyscrapers plans also include a 20,000-square-metre park and a seven-floor office complex.

Looking to continue on from the rejuvenation of the area around the port, Malaga is working towards becoming known as a smart museum city rather than just being a hub for the Costa del Sol.

To that end along with the two new high-rises, the city is also looking to build a large auditorium, multi-story hotel and three office buildings on land near the port.

All these plans for new construction are a good sign not only for Malaga but Spain in general as new jobs start to boost the country’s economy.

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