New 2020 traffic laws include a crackdown on scooters and big penalty for using a phone when driving.

As soon as the new Spanish government is up and running, the Dirección General de Tráfico (DGT) wants to implement new laws for drunk driving, using a phone while driving and a ban on scooters using main roads.

Regarding talking or texting on your mobile phone while driving the DGT wants to see offenders given a minimum of six points on their licence.

The DGT also wants to see new laws to control a boom in personal mobility vehicles such as electric scooters. If approved  this will require q a licence and insurance.


Also up for discussion are tougher penalties for drivers under the influence of drink and drugs and a 30km/h speed limit on all single carriageway roads in Spanish cities.

The DGT is also calling for the current driving and theory tests in Spain to be updated to make drivers more aware of motorcyclists.


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