Join an ice cream route in Torrox this September

Torrox Town Hall have recently launched a new ice cream route for their campaign ‘Stay frozen in the best climate in Europe.’ Running until 27th September, the campaign aims to boost visitors to the local ice cream parlours.

To take part you simply collect a card in any of the ice cream parlours that are participating in the campaign. Purchase a medium bowl of ice cream which is 3 euros. Each ice cream shop will give you a stamp on your card. Mark a score for each ice cream on your card. When you have completed the card you will be given a prize.

There is also the chance to win 150 euros which can to be spent in any restaurant in the municipality or to win 6 batches of 2 litres of ice cream!

The participating ice-cream shops are:

  • Mena Golf Ice Cream Shop (Choco Avellana Crunch)
  • La Playa Ice Cream Shop (Nougat and Cream with Pine Nuts)
  • Los Cordobeses Ice Cream Shop (Choco Gold)
  • Feroche Beach Ice Cream (Custard with Cookies)
  • Vistamar Ice Cream Shop (Kindergarten Oreo)
  • Buenavista II Ice Cream Shop (Cheese Cake)

Take your completed card by 30th September to the Torrox Town Hall, the Tourist Information point on Torrox promenade or the Tourist office in El Morche.

For more details visit the Torrox Town Hall website

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