New Andalucian Travel & Border Closure Rules

Starting on 30th October rules affecting 450 municipalities within the region of Andalucia will come into force. The new restrictions on travel and border closures are expected to last until 9th November.

Here are the new rules:

-It is not permitted to go out of your home at night time between 11 pm and 6 am. Exceptions do apply, for example working or medical reasons but you should have some sort of confirmation with you regarding the reason for your journey.

-It is not permitted to travel to or from Granada, Seville and Jaen provinces. So if you live in Nerja this means you cannot go to neighbouring towns of Almunecar, La Herradura, Motril or any other town within the Granada province.

-Travel is not permitted to a number of inland towns in the west side of the Malaga province called “La Vega de Malaga” and to a certain towns in Cordoba and Cadiz.

-It is not permitted to travel in or out of Andalucia. Persons from abroad cannot enter Andalucia, nor can you do so from another region of Spain. This also means you cannot go to Gibraltar.

Rules regarding group gatherings

Groups larger than 6 persons are not permitted in any public or private area. With the exception of persons who live together in the same house and number more than 6.

Indoors or outdoors group gatherings of only 6 persons are allowed and they must always maintain the 1.5m social distance from another group.

Masks are required at all times

You may only take off your mask at the time of eating and drinking.

Your mask will need to be put back on once you have finished your food. If you are only consuming a drink, pull down the mask as you drink and replace it after your sip.

-You can stay at a bar only until 10:30 pm as you will need to be in your home by 11 pm.

  1. Hi i live in a small village near Granada i need to take my husband to Malaga airport so he can return to work in Uk , will i be fined if i am stopped?

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