Healthy tourism figures for Easter week

Hotels in Andalusia are set to fill up to around 66% occupancy over the Easter holiday, with the key days of Thursday to Sunday up to 80% occupancy.

Woman dies after roof collapses

A woman died and a man was injured as a result of the collapse of the roof of a farmhouse in Lucena, Córdoba.

Third ITV centre opens tomorrow in Málaga

Tomorrow, three months later than planned, a third ITV (MOT) inspection centre will open in Málaga, the idea being to try and alleviate the current three-week waiting time currently being experienced by many motorists.

A busy week of official inaugurations in Málaga

With the regional elections now over, but the local elections looming, the week of March 23rd to 29th is the only time available for a host of official inaugurations in Málaga.

No absolute majority in Andalucia

The elections in Andalucia are over with the PSOE winning the most seats, although not enough for an absolute majority.

Banco de Madrid clients to suffer

Customers with Banco de Madrid, which ceased trading on Wednesday, are only guaranteed €100,000 of their money back as, for the first time since the financial crisis began, Spain has applied the legal limit on deposit guarantees for insolvent lenders.