Car thieves arrested

Twenty-four people have been arrested and a further nine charged on suspicion of stealing luxury vehicles in Europe for transportation to Morocco and eventual sale in Senegal and Mauretania.

Stabbing at Botafuegos prison

A prisoner in Botafuegos jail in Algeciras is in a serious condition in hospital after being stabbed by his cellmate.

Body of baby found on rubbish tip in Vilena

Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of a baby whose body was found on Tuesday afternoon at a rubbish tip in Vilena, Alicante.

Police arrest school bullies in Linares

The National Police in Linares, Jaén, have arrested two sixteen-year-old girls for allegedly harassing a fellow pupil over a period of three years through continuous verbal and physical abuse both inside and outside school.

Fifteen bogus gas inspectors arrested

The Guardia Civil have arrested fifteen people in Málaga and Granada as the alleged members of an organisation that swindled 130 people by means of fraudulent gas revisions.

Election hopefuls and corruption

Despite corruption seemingly being rampant and both the traditional main parties pledging to clean up the system, both Prime Minister Rajoy (PP) and Spain’s former, and longest serving, Prime Minister Felipe Gonzalez have stated that politicians implicated in corruption cases should not be automatically excluded from the elections.