New beach ordinance in Torrox Costa

Beachgoers in Torrox have apparently been expressing their objection to a new municipal ordinance which prohibits the leaving of umbrellas, chairs or towels to preserve a spot on the sand.

Fatality on Ferrara beach

A 71-year-old woman collapsed and died on Sunday afternoon on the promenade at Ferrara beach, Torrox Costa, apparently the result of a heart attack.

Special summer bus service in Torrox

Conscious that nights out, alcohol and driving is a cocktail for potential disaster, Torrox Council has once again set up the ‘Priva-T’ summer bus service to ferry people from the Pueblo to the leisure areas of Torrox Costa.

Bogus gas inspectors on the prowl

Bogus gas inspectors have been making the rounds in Torrox Costa, looking to fleece the unwary of their hard-earned money.

Local Police Chief sentenced to prison term for forgery

The chief of the Local Police in Torrox, José Roque Fernández, has been sentenced to three years imprisonment, a fine of €1,080 and two year’s suspension from public office after being convicted of forgery.

Renewal of lighting along the promenade

Torrox Council is investing €383,338 in improvements to lighting on the promenade at Ferrara Playa between Punta del Faro y and arroyo del Mascuñar.

Local Police officers under investigation

Two Local Police officers in Torrox are under investigation after, apparently, during their afternoon shift on May 1st, issuing sixteen parking fines to vehicles in Los Llanos, Venta Espinosa and calle Cáceres when they were supposed to be engaged in tasks relating to animals, street vendors and litter.