New beach ordinance in Torrox Costa

Beachgoers in Torrox have apparently been expressing their objection to a new municipal ordinance which prohibits the leaving of umbrellas, chairs or towels to preserve a spot on the sand.

The new municipal ordinance, unique in Andalucia, came into effect on August 1st 2014. The ordinance has attracted widespread criticism as being arbirary and not solving the problem.

According to the Council, the Local Police will only be removing items placed on the beach early in the morning whose sole purpose is to reserve a place on the sand.

Bathers, though, believe that the measure could unfairly penalise the elderly or could see items removed if people go to a restaurant for lunch, go for a long walk or otherwise tekporarily leave the scene but leave their things on the beach.

Time will tell when the fines, €30, begin to be levied.

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