Vélez-Málaga Council announces major projects

Is there a whiff of elections in the air? Vélez-Málaga Council has agreed loans of 4 million euros to finance a number of major projects, including a new access road to the hospital.

Cakes confiscated in Torre del Mar

Local Police in Torre del Mar have seized two boxes of cakes, 170 items in total, being sold illegally on the beach by two Rumanian individuals.

Fire destroys three vehicles

A fire originating in a camper van in the car park next to the wholesale market in Vélez-Málaga resulted in the destruction of the vehicle and two cars parked nearby.

Despicable thieves

Lorena Herrera is a wife and a mother of three children and suffers from an inoperable brain tumour. She requires treatment costing €3,000 for every ten sessions.