Illegal dwellings in Almuñécar

The High Court of Justice for Andalucia, the TSJA, is set to invalidate the licenses for 51 dwellings built in Almuñécar, Granada province, in 2002.

Paraglider rescued in Almuñécar

Guardia Civil officers from the Maritime Service yesterday rescued a 55 year old German woman paraglider after she crashed into the sea about 600 metres from Cabria beach in Almuñécar. The woman was semi-conscious and had been caught up in the ropes of the paraglider.

It’s a lottery

In a desperate attempt to meet mortgage payments, a woman in Almuñécar has decided to part with her Spar supermarket and is offering it in a lottery.

Dolphin rescue

Guardia Civil and Marine Rescue officers in Almuñécar rescued a disoriented dolphin today close to the Peñón de San Cristóbal beach.

Guardia Civil officers arrested

Four Guardia Civil officers, two from Nerja and two from Almuñécar, have been arrested in connection with drugs trafficking in Málaga and Granada provinces.

Mayor of Almuñécar in court

The Mayor of Almuñécar, Juan Carlos Benavides, is in court accused of the crime of coercion, the charges relating to an incident in 2004,

Almuñecar referendum

The good citizens of Almuñecar and La Herredura have been voting in a referendum to give initial approval to the PGOU for the municipality. Of the total votes cast, 77.8% were in favour, 19.3% were against and 2.9% of the ballot papers were blank or void. Although the result of the referendum was a resounding ‘Si’, it has to be …

Supreme court upholds demolition order for part of Almuñecar hotel

The Supreme Court has upheld a ruling that part of the Hotel Bahía Tropical in Almuñecar should be demolished as it breaches planning regulations and contravenes the PGOU. The building, located between the beaches of Tesorillo and Pozuelo, has been the subject of several lawsuits.

Thieves detained in Almuñecar

The Guardia Civil in Almuñecar has arrested three women who were robbing pensioners as they left the bank having withdrawn money. The women watched as pensioners collected their money from the bank and then, if it was thought to be a reasonable amount, they relieved their victims of their money. The thieves are thought to have stolen around €5,000 and …

Six detained over New Year fracas in Almuñecar

The Guardia Civil in Almuñecar has arrested six people in connection with a violent incident in a bar at New Year. In the early hours of New Year’s Day, a group of youths, aged between 20 years and 28 years, burst into a bar and, for no apparent reason, began beating up two people.