Fatal accident on the N-340

A cyclist, foreign and resident in Nerja, was killed on Saturday afternoon and a motorcyclist was seriously injured following a collision on the N-340 near Almuñecar.

Castillo de San Miguel, Almuñecar

Dominating the skyline above the coastal town of Almuñecar, in Granada province, are the ruins of the old Castillo de San Miguel – San Miguel Castle, a once mighty Moorish fortress. The fortifications were originally built in the 1st century B.C. by the Phoenicians and Romans (Lori Sexi is the old Phoenician and Roman name for Almuñecar), but it was during …

Grafitti knows no bounds…

Is scratching/carving/etching/scribbling a name on something actually classified as grafitti or is it pure vandalism? Spray, or felt tip, initials seem to be generally classed as ‘grafitti’, but what about when it is etched into the surface?

Fly me

Almuñecar 23/3/11

Illegals intercepted near Almuñecar

A small, wooden boat carrying 18 North Africans was intercepted last night about 14 miles off the coast of Almuñecar, Granada province. Unfortunately, not one of the passengers had remembered to bring their travel documents with them.

Cave full of hashish in Almuñécar

A Guardia Civil patrol has discovered a cache of seventeen bales of hashish pollen, weighing nearly half a ton, in a cave in the nature reserve of Cerro Gordo, in Almuñécar (Granada).

Two men drown in Almuñecar

Two men, aged 45 and 75 years, died yesterday while swimming in the sea in Almuñecar, Granada province, during heavy seas caused by strong winds.

Body of bather recovered off Tesorillo beach, Almuñécar

Red Cross rescue workers recovered the lifeless body of a bather on Saturday afternoon after it was spotted floating a few hundred metres off Tesorillo beach in Almuñécar, Granada province. The deceased was a man in his forties.

10 people rescued in Almuñecar

A total of ten people had to be rescued yesterday in Almuñecar, six of them after their boat overturned and four after they got cut off and stranded by heavy seas and the incoming tide.