Isn’t it a bit strange that…

…after all the countless scandals, scams, bad behaviour and downright crookery, not one single banker has faced any charges of any kind. Maybe not.

If FIFA says so then it must be true

A Fifa report clears Qatar of corruption in the 2022 World Cup bidding process but is critical of the English FA. Russia has also been cleared, although the report noted its bid team made only a limited amount of documents available for review.

True celebrity class

Amy Childs mistakes the Ebola virus for a band during red carpet interview Presenter: ‘You know Ebola is going to be huge, don’t you?’ Childs: ‘I might be a big fan after tonight… I think it will be absolutely amazing.’

Same judge?

Just how did a 20-year-old student, now facing fraud charges, end up rubbing shoulders with Spain’s political elite?…El Pais

Oh no, don’t say America is going all PC as well

Lewinsky, who attained global notoriety for her affair with Clinton while working as a White House intern in 1998, had long claimed she agents tried to bully her into wearing a wire against the president….MailOnline

How apt

‘Public relations’ is an anagram of ‘Crap built on lies’ and ‘Houses of Parliament’ is an anagram of ‘Shameful operations’