No wonder Tesco is in trouble

Tesco shopper, 37, is asked for ID to buy pot of melon and grapes in case it ‘ferments and turns to alcohol’

It is probably a question of when, not if

The vehemence with which Susana Diaz is denying any intention of standing for national leader of the PSOE would tend to suggest that the campaign preparations must be about done and dusted.

So often the case in football

Sampdoria president Massimo Ferrero says the signing of striker Samuel Eto’o, 33, is being held up because “nobody can figure out who is in charge at Everton”.

What a treat in store in the media

Four months of intense playground politics, slanging matches, muck throwing, party dogma, false promises and endless clichés and statistics. Oh, the joy of politics in an election year.

No change for the New Year

2015 starts with around 150 ongoing major corruption trials in the courts, over 2,000 official suspects and involving all levels from the royal family down.