No DM, his date was with a girl called Hillary

Robin Williams’ secret act of kindness: Actor’s touching video helping his teenage co-star land a prom date with Ben Stiller is revealed for the first time…MailOnline

Double pay

Love the way the adverts say, ‘if YOU donate 3 pounds, the Government will match that’. What it really means is YOU will pay 6 pounds. Governments don’t have any money, it all comes from the taxpayer.


Tottenham lose after floodlight failures They lost when the other team scored

Duuuuh. Maybe if he owned the school

Boy, 17, arrested on suspicion of two rapes at Jeremy Clarkson’s £32,000-a-year Repton School…MailOnline Next? Man arrested in park once visited by William Shakespeare

And he’s correct

Spain is not corrupt, says PM Rajoy It’s the politicians, businessmen and others IN the country who are corrupt judging by the scandals affecting all levels from the Royals down. ‘No more corrupt than anywhere else’ might be more apt.

Oh Dear Oh Dear Oh Dortmund

German politicians announce plans to introduce 50/50 quotas for traffic lights so there are as many flashing green men as there are women


David Dimbleby chairs a topical debate where a panel of guests face questions from the audience. Shouldn’t it be: David Dimbleby chairs a topical debate where a panel of politicians avoid answering questions from the audience.