AVE price reduction appears to have been a success

In the first few hours after the introduction of new, reduced prices and discounts, RENFE sold 76,500 tickets for the AVE high-speed trains, representing a 115% increase over the same day last year.

First trip on the AVE

The AVE high-speed train service arrived in Málaga some time ago now, and from day one I have wanted to try it out, mostly out of curiosity rather than to get anywhere in particular at a rate of knots. I finally got round to it the other day and headed off to Málaga Maria Zambrano station to buy a ticket …

AVE from Barcelona to Paris

The rail network operator RENFE, in conjunction with the French operator SNCF, are set to start the first Barcelona-Paris AVE high-speed train service on December 19th 2010.

AVE test run in Valencia

The Minister for Development, José Blanco, has announced an investment of €1,600 million during 2011 for the ‘Mediterranean Corridor’, a project designed to connect Madrid and Valencia via the AVE high-speed train service.

Extra AVE trains between Málaga and Madrid

RENFE is adding two more AVE trains each day from now until Sunday between Málaga and Madrid due to the Corpus Christi holiday, a major celebration in Madrid. The two trains will carry an extra 620 passengers.

AVE rail link hit by floods

Storms in the early evening of Monday have disrupted the AVE high-speed rail link Madrid-Sevilla-Málaga. Hailstones and floods struck the south of Madrid and much of Toledo province, causing problems in La Sagra which in turn caused the suspension of the AVE high-speed rail link.

New AVE link starts today

Today sees the start of the new AVE high speed rail links from Barcelona to Málaga and Sevilla using the new bypass section which means the trains no longer have to stop in Madrid. This reduces the traveling time by 50 minutes, bringing it down to 5 hours 40 minutes. The times of the trains are as follows:

New Málaga to Barcelona AVE line set to open on January 10th

The new AVE high speed line between Málaga and Barcelona is set to open on January 10th. The trains will use a new bypass line built south of Madrid, which means cutting out the stop in the capital and thus reducing the journey time by fifty minutes to five hours and 40 minutes.

Speedy delivery

A Senegalese woman gave birth on the Málaga to Madrid AVE high speed train yesterday, the little sprog putting in an appearance as the train past through Ciudad Real.